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This calculator allows you to convert numerous alternative fuels into their gasoline gallon equivalents, or GGEs, fast and conveniently. Simply input the number of alternative fuel units you want to convert, choose the type of alternative fuel you want to convert, then click "Convert" to view your results right away.

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Alternative Fuels Conversion Tools: If you believe that solving a number of different fuels format is challenging and you are unfamiliar with the sequence of functions, There's no need to be anxious because the web tool Alternative fuels converter can help. The manual way for resolving the Alternative fuels conversion will be covered in the module indicated below.

This module offers step-by-step instructions as well as Alternative Fuels Conversion online calculator that produces accurate answers in a short amount of time.

What is GGE?

The Gasoline Gallon Equivalent or GGE is what it takes to equal the energy content of one liquid gallon of gasoline. It allows consumers to compare the energy content of competing fuels against gasoline.

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What are the Alternative Fuels?


Biodiesel fuel is made from animal fats and vegetable oils and can be used to produce energy from waste oil products used by consumers and restaurants. Unmodified engines can burn a mixture of biodiesel and petroleum diesel when converted properly.


The fuel ethanol is created by fermenting and distilling grains such as wheat, barley, and corn. To improve octane levels or the quality of emissions, ethanol can be blended with gasoline.

Natural gas

Natural gas is a clean-burning fuel that is widely used by households and businesses around the world.


Liquid petroleum gas is already a popular fuel alternative not just for vehicles but also for cooking and heating. The fuel is a by-product of processing natural gas as well as refining crude oil.


Besides being able to power certain internal-combustion engines, hydrogen can also power fuel cells in certain electric vehicles. It is used to power these engines when combined with natural gas. When oxygen and hydrogen are combined in a fuel 'stack' for fuel cells, an electrochemical reaction is produced.


A battery-powered vehicle draws power from conventional sources when plugged in and stores it in its batteries. Electricity is the last leading alternative fuel, which is used in vehicles with batteries or fuel cells.


Formulas for Alternative Fuel Conversions, Gallon Equivalent Chart

Fuel Type Measurement Unit GGE Formula
Gasoline Gallons Gasoline gal = GGE
Biodiesel B100 Gallons Biodiesel B100 gal × 1.066 = GGE
CNG @ 2400 psi Gallons at 2400 psi CNG gal @ 2400 psi × 0.191 = GGE
CNG @ 3000 psi Gallons at 3000 psi CNG gal @ 3000 psi × 0.239 = GGE
CNG @ 3600 psi Gallons at 3600 psi CNG gal @ 3600 psi × 0.287 = GGE
Diesel Gallons Diesel gal × 1.155 = GGE
Ethanol (E85) Gallons Ethanol E85 gal × 0.734 = GGE
Electricity kilowatt-hours (kWh) Electricity kWh × 0.031 = GGE
Hydrogen (gallons) Gallons Hydrogen gal × 0.256 = GGE
Hydrogen (kg) kg Hydrogen kg × 1.019 = GGE
Propane (LPG) Gallons LPG gal × 0.758 = GGE
Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Gallons at 14.7 psi and -234?F LNG gal × 0.666 = GGE

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Steps to Perform Alternative Fuels Conversion Manually

Here we have shared some of the important steps to follow whole converting alternative fuels and get proper calculations in quick way.

Step 1:-

GGE standardizes these measurements for drivers so you can compare the energy content of different fuels and determine which one suits your needs best. Here is the conversion table.

Fuel type

Measurement unit

Conversion factor








Gallons at 2400 psi



Gallons at 3000 psi



Gallons at 3600 psi





















Gallons at 14.7 psi


Step 2:-

By quantifying the amount of alternative fuel needed to deliver the same amount of energy as traditional gasoline, the GGE offers a standard unit for expressing a fuel's energy density.

Step 3:-

BTUs (also known as fuel's lower-heating value) measure the amount of energy per gallon of any fuel. In order to calculate GGE, the following calculation is carried out:-

GGE = (energy of gallon of traditional gasoline) / (energy of alternative fuel)

Solved Example of Conversion of Alternative Fuels


From 100 Propane(LPG), convert LPG into their gasoline gallon equivalents, or GGEs.


We can perform this conversion by taking help with the above table,

100 LPG Gallons x 0.758 [ (GGE) / (LPG Gallons) ] = 75.8 GGE

FAQs On Free Online Alternative Fuels Conversion Tools with Steps

1. How is DGE calculated?

DGE is the Diesel Gallon Equivalent, which is another way to rate CNG vehicle storage and 1 DGE = 1.136 GGE. You can do in  diesel gallon equivalent calculator.

2. How do you calculate the GGE?

To perform the calculation of GGE you can simply divide the energy content of one gallon of gasoline or diesel by the energy content of the comparison fuel. You can use  cng gge calculator by using the  cng calculation formula.

3. How do you convert CCF to therms?

To perform the conversion of CCF to therms you can divide the cubic feet of the natural gas by 96.7.

4. How to convert CCF to SCF?

The SCF value for 2 CCF can be calculated by multiplying the 226.21 cubic feet by 460 and then dividing it by 535.