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The easiest process to calculate the inverse of the sine value is by using our arcsin calculator. By using that calculator you will get the answer in split seconds. Just give the inputs in the input fields and click the calculate button.

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Inverse Sine Tools or Sin Inverse Tools or sine inverse calculator: Looking for an easy tool to calculate the inverse of sine? Our arcsin calculator is the best free online tool that gives you accurate answers in a short span of time. You can also learn more about this concept easily and quickly with this tool. We have given detailed steps to do it manually.

How to Find Arcsin(Inverse of sine)?

Arcsin is the trigonometric function that gives the value of inverse sine. It can be represented as sin-1(x). Simply, it helps to find the angle of the triangle with the known value of sine.

Let us look into the trigonometric formula of Arcsin,

y = sin(x) | x = arcsin(y)


arcsin(y) = sin-1(y).

y = angle(a).

Now let us look into the graph of the inverse sine.

Arcsin Graph:

The inverse sine graph forms a curve from (-1, -π/2) to (1, π/2).

Inverse of Sine Graph

Arcsin Table:

The below table shows you the values of sine and inverse sine along with degrees and radians.

     x arcsin(x) in degrees arcsin(x) in degrees
-1 -90° -π/2
-√3/2 -60° -π/3
-√2/2 -45° -π/4
-1/2 -30° -π/6
0 0
1/2 30° π/6
√2/2 45° π/4
√3/2 60° π/3
1 90° π/2

Steps to Calculate Inverse of Sine

We are providing you with the step-by-step process that calculates the arcsin of an angle.

  • Let us note down the value to find as it is already given in the problem.
  • After that, apply the formula and take the value from the table.
  • Then, after simplification, you will get the value of inverse sine.


Question: Find the value of Arcsin(1) in radians?


Given, Arcsin(1) =?

we know that,

sin(90°) = 1 from the above table.

Apply the formula,

y = sin(x) | x = arcsin(y)

sin(90°) = 1 => 90° = sin -1 (1)

Therefore, Arcsin(1) = 90° = π/2 (in radians).

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Frequently Asked Questions On Arcsin Tools Or Tools Arcsin

1. How to use inverse of sine calculator?

A simple and easy way to use the arcsin calculator is to give the inputs in the input fields and click on the calculate button and you will see the answers in seconds.

2. What is arcsin in trigonometry?

Arcsin is the inverse trigonometric function and it is the value of inverse sine. It is represented as arcsin(x) (or) sin-1(x).

3. How to calculate arcsin?

Arcsin can be calculated by the formula, x = arcsin(y).

4. What is sin-1(0.5)?

As sin(30°) = 0.5, then  sin-1(0.5) = 30°.