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Our online arctan calculator determines the value of inverse tangent and also gives the output in degrees and radians very quickly. Just provide the value in the given boxes and tap the calculate button, you will see the answer in seconds.

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Inverse Tangent Tools: If you like to calculate the inverse tangent? Then just use our arctan calculator tool or inverse tan calculator that gives you faster results in some clicks. By giving some inputs and by pressing the calculate button you will see the answer. And also learn about the concept easily. Inverse tangent formula or arcotangente formula, If you want to do manually.

How to Find Arctan(Inverse Tangent)?

In mathematics, arctan is a trigonometric function that finds the value of inverse tangent. And it is represented as tan-1(x). The real numbers of this inverse tangent function are (-∞ - +∞).


Arctan Formula:

y = tan(x) | x = arctan(y)


arctan(y) = tan-1(y)

y = angle(a).

Inverse Tangent Graph Or Arctan Graph:

The curve forms for the arctan function is (-∞, –π/2) to (∞, π/2).

Inverse Tangent Graph

Arctan Table:

The below table shows the arctan and tangent functions.

     x arctan(x) in degrees arctan(x) in radians
-∞ -90° -π/2
-√3 -60° -π/3
-1 -45° -π/4
-1/√3 -30° -π/6
0 0
1/√3 30° π/6
1 45° π/4
√3 60° π/3
90° π/2

Steps to Calculate Arctan:

Look into the below steps that calculate the inverse tangent easily and quickly. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Write the finding value that was given in the problem.
  • Then, apply the formula and substitute it.
  • After simplifying you will get the value of the inverse tangent.


Question: Find the value of arctan (1) in radians?


Given arctan(1)=?

As we know,

tan(45°)=1, from the table.

Apply the formula,

y = tan(x) | x = arctan(y)

1 = tan(45°)

45° = arctan(1)

Therefore, the arctan(1) = 45° .

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Frequently Asked Questions on Arctan Tools

1. What is the arctan?

Arctan is the value that calculates the inverse tangent and it is a trigonometric function. And it is denoted by the tan-1(x).

2. How do we calculate the inverse tangent?

Inverse tangent can be calculated by the formula, y = tan(x) | x = arctan(y). Tan inverse calculator.

3. How do we calculate the arctan using the calculator?

Give the inputs in the input fields and click the calculate button, so that you will get answers in seconds.

4. What is the best website that offers an arctan calculator? is the best website that offers an arctan calculator.