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Handy Curtain Size Tools is useful to calculate the length and width of the curtain you need to buy to achieve your desired window treatment style. You just have to select the curtain type, curtain fullness, window height and width details in the input sections. Hit the calculate button to get the curtain length and width info.

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Standard Curtain Size Tools: It is not very easy to choose the correct curtain size at a first glance. This free tool will make your job simple by providing the necessary details to help you to make the correct choice. Before going to buy a curtain, you need to measure the window height and width.

Read on to know the standard curtain lengths, ways to measure windows for different curtain styles, the formulas to find the window curtain length and width, pitfalls to avoid when choosing curtains, and how to get the correct finish for your curtain when it is too long.

Ways to Take Window Measurements for Different Curtain Styles

Do you want to buy curtains for your new home or want to get a new look for the old one? Then you need to collect the correct measurements. The standard units used for taking curtain measurements are inches or centimetres.

For long curtains, we take measurements from the top of the window frame to the point where you want the curtain to stop. For short curtains, we follow this:

  • From the window top to the top of the sill for sill-length curtains.
  • From the window top to the bottom line of the apron, for apron length curtains.

Standard Curtain Size Formulas

The standard curtain sizes for long curtains are 72 in, 84 in, 96b in, and 108 in, for short curtains are 24 and 36 inches.

The formulas to find the curtain size for sill, apron, and floor length curtains are here:

  • Curtain Length = Height + Height of rod
  • For cafe length curtain length = Height/2
  • For extra long curtains curtain length = Height + Height of rod + 6

The standard curtain width is always 2, 2.5 or 3 times the width of the window.

The formulas used to calculate the curtain width are:

  • Standard curtain width = window width x 2
  • Deluxe curtain width = window width x 2.5
  • Utla fullness curtain width = window width x 3

How to Calculate Curtain Length and Width?

The steps to compute the curtain size are outlined here:

  • Get the window height and width either in inches or cms.
  • Know the type of curtain you want to buy and curtain fullness.
  • Place the values in curtain length and width formulas to obtain the answer.

When you choose the standard height, add 4 inches to the original size to accommodate your rod's placement. For a room with a high ceiling, adding 6 inches is better. When you are going to buy an exceptionally long style curtain, then add another 6 inches.

FAQs on Curtain Length and Width Tools

1. How wide should curtains be for the 72-inch windows?

If you want standard and thick curtains to cover your 72-inch window, your curtain width measurements can be between 144 - 180 inches.

2. What to do if your curtain length is too much?

If your curtain is too long than the standard measurements, then move the window rod further up. It improves the room's look.

3. What is the rule for curtain length?

The general rule is the length of the curtain should be 2 1/2 times the width of the window.

4. Should the curtain be twice the width of the window?

Yes, the curtain length can be 2 times the width of your window size.