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If you need help with the calculation of Grout avail the handy online tool and on any tiling project find out the Grout required. Enter some figures in the input field of the Grout Tools and determine the amount of grout needed by simply tapping on the calculate button. You can also try for cement through cement grout volume calculator, and non shrink grout volume calculator

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Grout Tools: Estimation of grout is used to determine the quantity of material required. You may need such calculations at some point in your life. To save your time and help you to understand easily the concept we have come up with an online tool that functions quickly. Make your Calculations fast and easy with the handy tool and comprehend the concept well with the examples provided below.

What is Grout?

Tile grout is a substance that is used to fill in the gaps between the tiles in order to keep dirt and fluids out. When laying tiles, we leave spaces between them to reduce the likelihood of future breaking or lifting off of tiles owing to floor or wall thermal or structural deformation, tile expansion, or tile movement. Grout is a composite substance made up of cement, lime, and water, as well as sand.

Volume of Grout Formulas Or Grout Calculation Formula

Space covered by grout = 1 – {WL / [(W + s ) (L + s)]}

The volume of the grout = A × d × (space covered by grout)

Here, W = width of a tile, L = length of a tile, s = grout space

A = area of space in inches, d = depth of a grout

How do you Calculate How Much Grout I Need?

How to calculate grout quantity, How do i calculate how much grout i need, Follow the simple steps listed below to calculate the Grout. They are as such

  1. Check the area of total space to be tiled.
  2. Check the dimension of a tile.
  3. Check the distance between each tile & the grout depth
  4. Use the above-mentioned formula to calculate the quantity of required grout.
  5. Finally, the obtained value is the quantity of grout required for your space.

Grout Estimation Examples with Solutions


We want to tile the room with a total floor space of 150 square feet. Here the measurement of a tile is 6×6 inches. Space between the tiles from all sides will be 0.3 inches & grout depth will be 0.25 inches. Calculate the amount of grout needed to complete the tiling of the whole floor space.


Here, area A = 150 square feet = 21600 square inches

 W = L = 6 inch,

 Grouting space, s = 0.3 inch, d = 0.25 inch

 Now , using the formula:

 Space covered by grout = 1 - {WL / [(W + s ) (L + s)]}

= 1 – {36 / [(6.3)(6.3)]}

= 1 – {36 / 39.69} = 0.093

Volume of the grout = A× d × (space covered by grout)

 = 21600 × 0.25 × 0.093 = 502.2 cubic inches

 = 2.17 gallons 

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FAQs on Grout Tools for Tile Floor

1. How do you calculate square footage for grout?

To calculate the square footage for grout, multiply the length by the width of the room.

2. How much grout does a 20kg bag make?

From a 20kg bag, you can cover upto 1 square meter with a depth of 12mm.

3. How much does a 10kg bag of grout cover?

Usually, a 10kg bag of grout covers an area of approximately 20 sqm.

4. How many m² will a 5kg bag of grout cover?

The total coverage with a 5kg bag will be +- 11m².