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Utilize our Horse weight calculator tool that helps to estimate the Arabic, pony, and stock horse weight easily in a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is give the inputs in the input fields and then click on the calculate button. So that you will get the answers continuously.

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Horse Weight Tools: Would you like to calculate the horse weight? Then check out our calculator tool that helps you to calculate weight easily. If you give the input, you will get the output easily. And also we have given you detailed information about the horse's weight like definitions, formulas, steps, and many more. Read on to know!!

Formulas of Horse Weight

Here we have provided you with the formulas to calculate the horse weight easily. Horse weight formulas use these three measurements like height, length, and girth circumference.

Formula of estimated weight of horse

EBW (kg) = [girth (cm)1.486 x length (cm)0.554 x height (cm)0.599 x neck (cm)0.173] / div.


EBW = Estimated Body Weight

div = divisor equals to 3596, 3606, and 3441.

And this formula helps to know the underweight and overweight.

Formula of ideal horse weight

IBW (kg) = [length (cm) x 2.8] + [height (cm) x 4.2] – sub


IBW = Ideal Body Weight

Sub = subtrahend that is equal to 611, 606, and 577.

How to Take the Measurements of Horse?

  • Height = A
  • Neck circumference = B
  • Girth circumference = C
  • Body length = D

Steps to Calculate the Horse Weight

Look into these guidelines that we are going to provide you to calculate the horse weight manually. So, check out the steps carefully.

Firstly, take the values that are given in the problem.

Then, apply the formula of horse weight.

Substitute the values in the formulas.

Simplify the equations.

At last, you will see the result of horse weight.

How do you Calculate the Horse Weight?

Question: Suppose, if your horse has the following measurement like height is 58 in, neck circumference = 32 in, girth circumference = 80 in, and body length = 60 in


Given that,

Height = 58 in

Girth circumference = 80 in,

Neck circumference = 32 in,

Body length = 60 in

Apply the formula of estimated weight and ideal weight of horses.

EBW (kg) = [girth (cm)1.486 x length (cm)0.554 x height (cm)0.599 x neck (cm)0.173] / div.

EBW (kg) = [80 (cm)1.486 * 60 (cm)0.554 * 58 (cm)0.599 *32 (cm)0.173] / div.

You can substitute div for Arabians, ponies, and stock horses are 3596, 3606, and 3441.

EBW (kg) = [80 (cm)1.486 * 60 (cm)0.554 * 58 (cm)0.599 *32 (cm)0.173] / 3596

EBW = 82.76lb

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\FAQs on Horse Weight ToolsFAQs on Horse Weight Tools

1. How to use this horse weight calculator?

Simply, select the type of horse and then give all the measurements of the horse correctly then simply click on the calculate button. Finally, you will see the answer instantly.

2. How much does a 16.2 horse weight?

16.2 horse weight is 1080 to 1655 pounds. What size horse do i need calculator?

3. How to help my horse to gain weight if it is underweight?

The first thing you need to do is consult the doctor. Increase the amount of hay, and try performance feed products.