Long Division Tools

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Long division calculator displays the whole work for dividing the dividend by the divisor resulting in the quotient in less time. Simply put the dividend and divisor values in the input field and click on the calculate button provided next to the input box.


Long Division Tools: Trying to do division for long numbers and don't know how to do proper calculations in an easy manner. Then, we are here with you to assist in performing a long division method with an instant long division calculator. This long division tool helps you understand how to do long division with integers or decimals. This calculator also aids you out to do a long division with decimals or remainders. Want to learn more about the long division calculator then go with the below sections and get the complete details in detail.

Procedure for Division of Numbers using Long Division Method

In order to calculate the division for two numbers easily, one should know the process very well and must apply the steps properly. So, to master the division of numbers using the long division method, we have provided the detailed process here along with a solved example.

Long division with remainders has never been so simple! So accept it as a challenge and solve the problem on your own by referring to the below steps.

  1. To find the result which is the ratio of two numbers i.e, dividend and divisor we use the long division method.
  2. First, you need to identify the dividend and divisor and then use those values in the long division.
  3. In the given fraction numerator will be the dividend and denominator will be the divisor. Outline the dividend and divisor in the form of long division.
  4. Probably, you have to add a decimal and zeros if the dividend is smaller than the divisor. Continue long division until you get the proper result for the given numbers. It will give the remainder in both the whole number or in a decimal format.
  5. The result can be written in many ways as a quotient and a remainder, a fraction, and a decimal converted from the fraction.

For a better understanding of the long division method, we have provided the worked-out example for a division of numbers using the long division method. Refer to the below example and learn the step by step process of solving long division.


Calculate division for 678/35 using a long division method?


In the given input 678/35, 678 is the numerator i.e. dividend and 35 is the denominator i.e. divisor. As the dividend is greater than the divisor you can proceed with the long division process and get the result as such

Therefore, the Quotient is 19 and the Remainder is 13.

FAQs on Long Division Tools with Remainders

1. What is Long Division with Remainders?

A long division with remainders is a method for dividing multidigit numbers by hand. It splits the division into a series of simpler steps. One number, called the dividend is divided by another number called the divisor and gives the result as quotient and remainder.

2. What is Quotient in Long Division?

The quotient is the outcome of dividing one number by another using a long division method.

3. What is Remainder in the division?

The remainder is the left out value after multiplying the whole number portion of the quotient by the divisor and then subtracting that result from the dividend.

4. How do you do long division easily by hand?

Simply refer to the above-mentioned steps on how to do long division and follow them correctly to calculate the long divisions by hand. Or else, use our free online Long Division Tools with or without Remainder and get the outcome within no time.

What is meant by Long Division?

The long division method includes basic math operations. In order to find the division of two numbers using this method, a tableau is drawn. The divisor is written outside the right parenthesis, while the dividend is placed within. The quotient is written above the line on top of the dividend. If you want to learn how to do long division for a fraction or given numbers with long division method, please keep on reading.