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Make use of this long multiplication calculator & calculate the product of two positive or negative whole numbers as the multiplicand & multiplier using a long multiplication method within less time. Enter the numbers in the two input fields shown below and press the enter button to get the result in no time.







Here are some samples of Long Multiplication calculations.

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Long Multiplication Tools: Want to calculate the product of two long integers or decimals in a simple way? Then you must try out the long multiplication method. It is the easiest one that you ever find among all other techniques. This page is all about the multiplication of numbers using a long multiplication calculator and the interactive tutorial explaining each step of the process. Provided Long Multiplication Tools is free & easy to use because it is having a quite flexible user-interface which helps users to explore more about the concept easily. Let's jump into the further section to know it deeply.

Long Multiplication Example Calculations

FAQs on Large Number Multiplication Tools

1. How do you calculate long multiplication for numbers?

It is an easy task to perform by using our long multiplication calculator. If you want to do it manually just follow the process provided on our page and calculate it easily.

2. Can this long multiplication calculator allow both integers and decimals?

Yes, you can enter any of the numbers from both integer or decimal in the input field and get the result as per your requirement within a fraction of seconds.

3. Where can I find Solved examples for long multiplication with decimals?

You can definitely find the worked examples for the long multiplication with decimals in a detailed manner along with the illustrated solution from this page.

4. Is it possible to find the product for integer multiplicand and decimal multiplier with a long multiplication calculator?

Yes, you can calculate the long multiplication for integer multiplicand and decimal multiplier by hand not by using the long multiplication calculator as it doesn't support advanced calculations yet.

What is meant by Long Multiplication?

Long multiplication extends tables work so that integers bigger than 10 can be multiplied without using a calculator. We have various ways to do this process but the most efficient approach is the traditional method. For a better understanding of the long multiplication, we have taken the traditional long multiplication approach for finding the multiplication of integers or decimals and demonstrated here in a stepwise process along with a solved example. So, dig deep and discover more about this!

Standard Process to Calculate the Product of Numbers using Long Multiplication Method

Long multiplication is a standard algorithm or traditional approach that includes the product of numbers and alignment of output as per the place value. The following are the steps that you need to follow to do multiplication of numbers using long multiplication method manually:

  1. Place the number which is larger in digits on top as the multiplicand and place the other one on the bottom and align the place values in columns.
  2. Initially, take the one's place digit in the multiplier number and multiply it by the final digit in the multiplicand.
  3. Put the resulting number in the answer place.
  4. In case the resulting number is greater than 9, write the one's place digit in the answer and carry the tens digit for the next result.
  5. Continue right to the left column and multiply the one's digit of the multiplier to the next digit to the left in the top number. The carried digit should be added to the next result and write the answer in the answer space. If you need to carry again, do so.
  6. After completing the multiplication with one digit by every digit in the multiplicand then start with the tens digit of the multiplier and proceed to multiply as above, but this time write your answers in a new row, moved one digit place to the left.
  7. Once you are done with multiplying, make another answer line under the current answer line and the last row of number is the final result that you get after finishing the multiplication of given numbers using long multiplication. Long multiplication examples are explained in the given below example.


Calculate the multiplication of two numbers those are 356 and 789 using a long multiplication method?


Arrange the numbers one on top of the other and align the place values in the column. Now, calculate the product for multiplicand and multiplier at a time and get the result using a long multiplication traditional technique.

Therefore, 356 × 789 = 280,884.

How to do Long Multiplication or Multiplication Long with Decimals?

You can even do a product for two decimals by using the long multiplication method. So, refer to the below simple rules and follow the process while doing Long multiplication with decimals using the standard algorithm:

  1. Firstly, you should count the total number of decimal places included in both the multiplicand and the multiplier.
  2. Overlook the decimals and line up the numbers one on top of the other as integers.
  3. Do the normal integers multiplication process for these integers using long multiplication & write down the result.
  4. Now, give the decimal point in the final result with the same number of decimal places that you counted in step 1. Long multiplication steps


How to calculate long multiplication for 8.9 and 99.8 decimal numbers by hand?


Given numbers are 8.9 and 99.8, now calculate the product for these two decimals using a long multiplication method.

There are 2 total decimal places in both given numbers.

Let's ignore the decimal places and complete the multiplication like assuming them as two integers.

Below is the multiplication of two numbers with the long multiplication method, have a look and get the result in decimal number.

The final answer for the product of two integers i.e., 89 and 998 is 88822.

But we need to convert it into a decimal result. For that, we have to rewrite the product with 2 total decimal places.

Then the answer would be like this 888.22.

Therefore, Long multiplication for two decimals ie.,8.9 × 99.8 = 888.22.

Steps to Use Long Multiplication Tools

Our online long multiplication calculator will aid you to understand how to do long multiplication between integer to integer numbers or decimals to decimal numbers. You can calculate the product of big numbers easily and quickly by using our free long multiplication calculator and also get a detailed solution for the given numbers.

  • First and foremost, enter the multiplicand and the multiplier number separated with * symbol in the input field.
  • Now, click on the arrow button next to the input box or else press the enter button on your keyboard.
  • Finally, you will view the displayed result along with an interactive tutorial for learning how to multiply numbers without a calculator.

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