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Online Profit Tools tool is useful to check your profits in any business in no time. It does all the arithmetic calculation for you and tells you your share in the total profit.


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Here are some samples of Profit calculations.

Profit Tools: Are you searching for a free online tool that reduces your strength and offers the profits in fraction of seconds? Then you have come the right way. In the below sections, we have provided the steps to calculate profits and its formula. In addition to the method, you can also have a look at the handy calculator tool that displays Profit Percentage and profit amount by taking the cost price and selling price.

Process to find Profit/ Loss

Profit or gain both are the same terms. It can be explained in terms of selling price and cost price. Here, we are giving the simple and easiest process to check the profit amount and its percentage.

  • Know the cost price and selling price of the product.
  • The difference between Selling Price (SP) and Cost Price (CP) is called Gain/ Profit
  • If selling price is more than cost price, then you can see profits in your organisation
  • If the cost price is more than the selling price, then you can say it is a loss.
  • If both CP and SP are the same, there is no loss or profit.
  • You can also calculate the profit percentage by using the formula i.e (SP-CP/CP)*100


Question1: A cloth merchant bought 25 shirts, each at a price of Rs.350. He sold each of them for Rs. 410. Find his percentage profit?


The percentage is the same for one unit or all units.

Given data,

Cost Price (CP)= Rs. 350

Selling Price (SP)= Rs. 410

Profit (P)= SP-CP

P= 410-350= 60

Profit Percentage (P%)= (SP-CP/CP)*100

P%= (60/350)*100=0.1714*100=17.14

Profit on each shit is Rs. 60/-

Profit percentage is 17.14%

Question 2: An article is sold for Rs.2300 at a profit of 25%. What would have been the actual profit or loss if it had been sold at Rs.1800?


Given that



CP= (SP*100)/P%


Now the Selling Price is Rs. 1800/-

Here SP is more than CP, means loss

Loss=SP-CP= 1920-1800=120

Loss Percentage=(100*120)/1920=6.25%

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Frequently Asked Questions on Profit Tools

1. How can you calculate profit or loss?

Profit or loss is described as the difference between total revenue and total expenses or you can calculate the profit by subtracting the cost price and selling price.

2. How do you calculate profit from selling price?

The formula to calculate Cost Price if Selling Price and Profit percentage is CP=(SP*100)/(100+Profit percentage).

3. What is the formula to know the profit percentage?

Profit Percentage formula is P%=[(SP-CP)/CP]*100.

4. Is revenue and profit are same?

Revenue is the total amount of income generated by the sale of goods or services. Profit is the amount of income that remains after accounting all expenses, debts, operating costs and additional income streams.