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Finding a Supplementary Angle Tools tool is designed to provide the supplement angles for the given angle. You just need to enter the angle value and press the calculate button. Our tool gives the supplementary angle value with explanation in a fraction of seconds.

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Finding a Supplementary Angle: Go through the simple steps and guidelines to know the process of finding a supplement for an angle. In geometry, two angles are supplement to each other when they are added up to 180 degrees. You can know the supplementary angles definition, formula and process to use our Supplementary Angles Tools in the below-mentioned sections of this page. In addition to all this, we have also given the solved questions.

What are Supplementary Angles and Properties?

The word supplement is related to angles that make a straight angle together. Two angles are said to be supplementray angles when they add up to 180 degrees. The conditions for two angles are supplementary are:

  • One of its angle is an acute angle and another is obtuse angle.
  • Both the angles are right angles.


If ∠A = 110° and ∠B = 70°, then ∠A + ∠B = 180°

So, ∠A and ∠B are supplementary angles.

Properties of Supplementary Angles:

  • The angles are supplementary angles when their sum is 180°.
  • The two angles together make a straight line, but the angles need not be together.
  • The letter"S" of supplementray angles stands for the "Straight" line.

How to Find Supplement of an Angle?

The detailed explanation to find the supplementar angles are provided here.

  • Firstly, observe the given angle.
  • Subtract 180° from the given angle.
  • The result is the supplement angle for the given angle.

For finding two angles are supplementary or not, just add those two angles. If their sum is equal to 180°, then they are supplementary otherwise not supplementary.


Find the supplementary angle for 57°?


Given angle is 57°

When two angles are supplementary, then their sum is 180°

So, 180° - 57° = 123°

Therefore, supplementary angle for 57° is 123°.

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FAQ's on Finding a Supplementary Angle Tools

1. What is the supplement of an angle?

Two angles are called supplementary angles if their sum is 180°. For example, if ∠A + ∠B = 180°, then ∠A, ∠B are supplementary angles. These angles always form a straight line when they are together.

2. How to find the supplement of an angle?

Give the angle value in the input field of the Finding Supplementary Angles Tools and hit the calculate button to obtain the accurate answer.

3. Can three angles be supplementary?

No, three angles can never be supplementary even though their sum is 180°. The definition of supplementary angles holds true only for two angles.

4. What are the facts about supplementary angles?

  • Supplementary angles are two angles whose sum is always equal to 180°.
  • Supplementary angles pairs will be either one acute, one obtuse angle or two right angles.
  • When two angles are both supplementary to the same angle, they are equal in measure.