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Our Online Tree diameter calculator is the best tool that you can easily estimate the diameter of a single-stemmed and multi-stemmed tree easily in seconds. For using this calculator, all you need to do is give the inputs in the allocated input boxes and then click on the calculate button that gives you immediate answers.

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Tree Diameter Tools: Would you like to calculate the tree diameter and looking for the tool to calculate it? Then you are at the right destination. Here we have provided you with a free tool to calculate the tree diameter easily and quickly. And also a not only calculator, but we have also given all the complete information about the concept like definitions, formulas, and steps to calculate manually like. If you are a student you can learn all these.

Tree Diameter Formula

Look into the formula to calculate the tree diameter.

Diameter = circumference / π


As, π  is a mathematical constant, π = 3.141592.

Steps to Calculate the Tree Diameter for a Single Stemmed Tree

Follow the guidelines that are given below to calculate the tree diameter manually using the formula with the easy steps for a single-stemmed tree.

  • Initially, take the values from the given problem.
  • Then, find the DBH Using of tree dbh calculator and circumference of a tree by tree circumference calculator.
  • And, apply the formula of tree diameter.
  • Finally, after substituting and simplifying the equation, get the result.

Steps to Calculate the Tree Diameter for a Multi-Stemmed Tree

Check out the guidelines to calculate the tree diameter for a multi-stemmed tree.

  • Firstly, take the values from the problem.
  • Calculate the diameter of each stem.
  • Find the square of each value of diameter.
  • Then add the squares.
  • Find the square root of the sum.
  • So that youcan easily get the result.

How to Find the Tree Diameter?

Question: Find the tree diameter if its circumference is 543cm for a single-stemmed tree?



Circumference = 543cm

Diameter of the tree formula,

Diameter = circumference / π

Here, as we already know the π value is 3.14

D = 543/3.14

= 173 cm

Hence the diameter of the single-stemmed tree is 173 cm.

Calculate the multi-stemmed tree easily by following the above steps.

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FAQs on Tree Diameter

1. How is the tree measured?

The tree is measured in a flexible tape measure, and a string is used to mark the circumference of the tree and then measured with a ruler.

2. What is the formula for tree diameter?

To calculate the tree diameter we use the formula, Diameter = circumference / π.

3. How to use this Tree Diameter Tools?

Simply, all you need to do is provide the circumference as input in the given input boxes and then click on the calculate button, within seconds you will get the answer. Like  tree girth calculator and multi stem dbh calculator.