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The tree value calculator is a simple tool for assessing the worth of the tree, as well as the possible compensation, determined during a tree appraisal.

Make use of our online tree value calculator tool that helps you to calculate the value of your tree easily in microseconds. To use this calculator, you just provide the inputs like circumference, height, and tree type, and then hit the calculate button that is available in blue color, so that you will get the answers instantaneously.

Tree type

Tree Value Tools: Did your neighbor cut your tree and you are looking to know the pine tree value? Then you came to the right place. By using our calculator tool you can easily know the value of the tree in seconds. It is user friendly and free tool. And also on that page, we have provided you with complete information about the concept like formulas, steps to calculate manually, and many more.

Tree Value Formula

To calculate the tree value we need to know the formula, let us look into the formula below.

Tree value = Circumference x Height x Basic value


Units of Circumference = inches.

Units of Height = feet.

Units of Tree value = dollars.

Basic Value Table for Tree Types

Here we are going to provide you with basic values for some of the tree types.

Tree type Basic value
Beech 1.06
Black Ebony 55.75
Black Cherry 2.3
Black Locust 1.75
Chestnut 3.08
Black Walnut 3.85
Douglas Fir 1.05
Elm 1.35
Fruit Wood 18.12
Eucalyptus 2.1
Poplar 0.35
Loblolly Pine 0.55
Mahogany 15.16
Paulownia 1.85
Paper Birch 0.65
Rosewood 11.12
Red Oak 2.15
Maple 2.44
Teak 8.88
Cedar 3.15
White Ash 2.58
White Oak 3.53
White Pine 1.85
Yellow Birch 3.18

How do you Calculate the Tree Value?

Here we are going to look into the simple steps to calculate the tree value easily using the formula.

  • Firstly, take the values that are provided in the problem.
  • Know the circumference and height of the tree.
  • From the above table, know the basic value for your tree based on the tree type.
  • Then, apply the formula.
  • Substitute the values and simplify the equation.
  • Finally, get the answer in seconds.

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\FAQs on Tree Value Tools

1. How to use the tree value calculator?

To use this tree value calculator, all you need to do is give the inputs in the allocated boxes and then click the calculate button. So that you will get the answers easily.

2. How do you calculate the tree value?

Tree value can be calculate by using the formula, Tree value = Circumference x Height x Basic value.

3. What is the basic value of a white oak tree?

The basic value of white oak tree is 3.53.